IP Protect (Enterprise)

Let us help you stay PCI DSS compliant. Our package for mid-sized retailers includes everything you need.

For medium-sized businesses in the retail sector, the majority of your customers are now going to want to pay using a card transaction. So many transactions are being processed, and you need to make sure you comply with all the latest regulations - otherwise, you face fines or even worse, a damaging data breach. If you suffer from a cyber security attack, you could be looking at it costing you in the region of £3,000.

Our IP Protect package makes sure you comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), protecting you and your customers. It's a flexible solution, totally secure and able to meet the stringent demands of the regulators. It will help you avoid fines and mark you out as a brand that can be trusted with data. The Enterprise version of IP Protect is also built for integrated payments and EPOS. It is widely used in more complex network environments with the option for 4G failover for business continuity.

Who is IP Protect for?

IP Protect is a solution designed specifically for tier two and three retail chains, like shops and hotels. It is for more complex network environments, offering a secure solution for merchants and customers. We can install at entry point, or we can work with your current system depending on how well established this is.

What is IP Protect?

  • Sensitive cardholder data and payment networks are segregated
  • All payments will be localised within a secure, closed network
  • The solution can be used with all types of IP payment devices
  • Secures WiFi networks so payment devices can safely be used
  • Offers an optional public WiFi hotspot to help increase footfall

PCI DSS - meeting regulations

It's important that you meet the regulations set out by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, or PCI SSC. The regulations are known as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, shortened to PCI DSS. These standards set out rules for businesses that are accepting card payments, across all environments.

Often, as a business owner, you can find yourself being fined a large sum of money for non-compliance - you might not even know about it. The larger you are as a merchant, the more you will have to do in order to meet the regulations for your merchant classification. You will have to answer more questions about how you are meeting requirements, making it a more time-consuming process to be compliant. Even for smaller businesses processing fewer payments, meeting with the PCI DSS can be complicated.

PCI DSS is so important for your consumers. Think about it from your point of view - you wouldn't want to think that your data was being compromised when you make a card payment with a business. Putting systems in place to protect customer data makes you a more responsible business and helps you gain the trust of consumers. We can help you do this, with our secure IP Protect solutions.

Check your merchant service statement today - are you being fined for PCI non-compliance? Contact us to find out more.


The benefits of IP Protect

  • Protecting your brand: A data breach could be devastating for a business' reputation. We help you protect data to protect your brand.
  • Avoid large fines: Our solutions help you to comply with PCI DSS, meaning you can avoid fines for non-compliance.
  • Ongoing support: PCI DSS regulations are changing all the time. With this package, you have our ongoing support, so it's easier to stay up to date.
  • Affordable: We ensure our solution is affordable for businesses, with various installation and ongoing support options.
  • Access to the latest technology: Be the first to know about advances in secure payment technology and data management.
  • No hassle: When you work with experts like Blue Scorpion, we can ensure you meet legal requirements, taking the pressure off you.
  • Easy set up process: We carry out the set up of IP Protect in the background, meaning your usual trading isn't affected.
  • Works with other solutions: There is the option for secure customer WiFi with On Demand Marketing (ODM), increasing footfall and letting you send promotions.

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