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Do you check your Merchant Service Statements?

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Are you being fined for PCI Non-Compliance?

Many small to medium size businesses (SMEs) operate in the retail and service sector, and as cash becomes a thing of the past, more Chip & PIN payments are being processed by these businesses than ever before. Sadly, this also opens up the possibility of cyber crime - and it's not going to be cheap for your business. With the average security breach costing a merchant £3,000, you need to know your business is protected.

Our IP Protect Lite packages are designed to securely manage Chip & PIN payments, protecting sensitive data and ensure you comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). This is so important for you as a business, making sure you aren't paying unnecessary non-compliance fines and giving your consumers more trust in your brand.

Who is IP Protect Lite for?

IP Protect Lite is designed specifically for SMEs and has your needs in mind. Any business from a corner shop to a larger franchise can benefit - basically, any business needing a simple, out of the box cyber security solution for protecting their payments and removing potential non-compliance fines.

What is IP Protect Lite?

  • Sensitive cardholder data and payment networks are segregated
  • All payments will be localised within a secure, closed network
  • The solution can be used with all types of IP payment devices
  • Secures WiFi networks so payment devices can safely be used
  • Offers an optional public WiFi hotspot to help increase footfall

We have three bundles that help you achieve PCI DSS Compliance that you can select:

  • Package 1 - For Wired Payment Devices
  • Package 2 - For Wired or WiFi Payment Devices - with Secure Private WiFi
  • Package 3 - For Wired or Private WiFi Payment Devices including public WiFi hotspot and on demand marketing (ODM)

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Packages start from just £18.99 + VAT per month, in most cases much less than a non-compliance charge from your payment service provider.

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PCI DSS - why are these standards so important?

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, or PCI DSS, are the standards as laid out by the governing body responsible for payments acceptance across Europe. They are known as the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, or PCI SSC for short. This body determines the rules for compliance when a business is accepting card payments, regardless of environment, and these are mandatory standards.

Many businesses are being fined for non-compliance without even realising it. Depending upon your Card Turnover, you fall into different categories of merchant classification. As you would imagine, the larger you are as a merchant and the more channels to market you employ, the more questions you will need to answer about your acceptance environment and how you are protecting it from vulnerability. Simply put, if you process very few payments you merely need to complete some forms and meet the requirements; if you process higher volumes, then you need to do far more to satisfy the regulators of your compliance.

Why do we have to do this? Ultimately, we are all consumers in one way or another. We all use debit and credit cards in our everyday lives, and we all would be the first to object should our cards or personal data be compromised. So the PCI SSC have mandated a set of standard rules to enforce all merchants to become compliant at their respective levels, and protect the way card payments are handled. It's that simple.


The benefits of IP Protect Lite

As an SME, you are probably familiar with the PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ). Our solution reduces the completion of this by 80%, by reducing your risk and providing you with pre-populated answers to use with your Acquirer's SAQ.

The key benefits to you include:

  • A low-cost solution: There is a small upfront payment, followed by low monthly payments for our managed service thereafter.
  • PCI DSS compliance: Your business will be brought in line with the requirements in the latest standards.
  • Protect your brand: Cyber Crime is damaging for your bank balance, and even more damaging for your reputation.
  • Reduce fines: Become compliant to save money by reducing fines imposed by your Acquiring Bank.


Our IP Protect Lite packages also come with full insurance cover, protecting you from the financial implications if you are a victim of Cyber Crime. This offering is exclusive to Blue Scorpion and protects you from losses - these could include:

  • Card replacement costs
  • Mandatory audit fees (forensic, legal or IT examination)
  • PCI assessments (monetary assessments or fines)
  • Related costs (including civil fines where permissible by law)

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Packages start from just £18.99 + VAT per month, in most cases much less than a non-compliance charge from your payment service provider.

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