IT Procurement

We act as consultants, helping you meet your needs with your IT processes, systems and installation.

Do you feel like you are always stretching your IT budget? We will help you make your IT budgets go further, allowing you to add value with your IT systems and saving you money as an additional bonus. We fully understand that meeting your IT needs can be a drain on your resources, which is why we always encourage businesses to outsource IT procurement to a market-leading company like us. We will help ensure all systems and software are right for you, with a focus on efficiency and cost savings.

How do we help with IT procurement?

We work with various suppliers, using our position in the market to directly benefit your business. We can take on as many or as few IT procurement tasks as you need us to, making sure your budget works harder for you all round.

Some of the key reasons why people work with us are:

  • Discounts: We can get you access to exclusive discounts in IT, helping you reduce your costs.
  • Special offers: We monitor the market for special offers and opportunities for further cost savings.
  • Bid pricing: Our experts ensure you receive a fair price that is reflective of the general market.
  • Warranties: All IT products will fall under a warranty, which we will keep track of for you.
  • Software licensing: We can help you ensure all software is fully licensed for use by your business.

IT procurement falls into two major categories:

1.  Implementation:

We work to understand your requirements, before we move on to IT acquisition and fulfilling the processes you need.

2.  Management:

We can manage vendors, implement asset management and make sure we enforce strict quality control throughout.

Our processes

We work closely with you to understand your needs in full, acting as IT consultants first and foremost.

Working with our partner network, we have accreditations with the majority of manufacturers and distributors, helping you to drive IT costs down and your bottom line back up.

Don't let your current suppliers become complacent. Ask us to quote and see how much of a cost saving you could make!

Our processes

Who is this service for?

We work with merchants of all sizes within the retail and services sectors, ensuring all businesses are getting what they need out of their IT solutions. With our years of experience in this field, we are in an excellent position to assist your retail-based business.

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