Payment Solutions

Our portfolio is far reaching - Ask for our help with card payment processing and solutions for acceptance.

Payment Protection

All payment types, we have you covered.

  • Face to Face Payments

    Access to all the latest terminals, Blue Scorpion can offer integrated payments, stand-alone with Contactless to include Apple Pay, Android Pay and Google Pay.

  • E-Commerce

    With e-commerce the most popular way to pay at the moment, Blue Scorpion can provide a gateway to work with your website. Making online payments quick, easy and cost effective.

  • Virtual Terminal

    With more staff working from home a Virtual Terminal could be ideal for your business. Have an unlimited number of users with our Fiserv Virtual Terminal.

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Our latest offer - PAX A920 Terminal

Pax A920 Terminal

  • From £17.99* per month *terms apply
  • Stunning 5" PIN on Glass Display
  • Faster Funding Options
  • Accepts all major card schemes
    Payment types cards
  • Blue Scorpion provide PAX, Ingenico or the Verifone range of terminals.
    We can offer integrated or stand-alone payments
  • Tri-Com Features: Take payments through WiFi, Bluetooth or GPRS
  • Remote help desk for quick and efficient assistance when you need it
  • Built in Thermal Printer

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Our card payment solutions

We regularly work with merchants to provide the following card payment solutions:

  • Competitive transaction processing via Blue Scorpion's own Merchant Services deal
  • Chip & PIN Payment Terminals with or without Merchant Services
  • Integrated Payment Solution offering
  • Contactless Payments
  • Unattended kiosks
  • E-Commerce
  • Consultancy & Reviews
  • Full P2PE Installation though our subsidiary company European Information Technology Limited

All solutions are secure and tailored to you, ready for you use to straight away. And they're completely secure as standard.

Payment acceptance with all the bells and whistles...

We offer secure, versatile card payment solutions that allow you as a merchant to meet all the latest security standards as dictated by the payments card industry coupled with highly competitive merchant service rates. This is incredibly important in today's retail environment, as fewer and fewer people pay with cash and card payments are more popular than ever. With technology like contactless payments now dominating the marketplace, you need to be sure that the payment solution you select is secure for your customers.

What happens if your payments aren't secure? This means a security breach is possible, which puts your customers' details at risk. This can be costly for you as a business, and it can undermine the reputation you have worked so hard to build - security and data breaches put your brand at risk. Choose our secure payment solutions to know that you are doing the best you possibly can by your customers. Work with us to achieve the best results.

We couple our network security and payment acceptance with a true loyalty program to increase footfall and drive more sales with a true return on investment, offering our merchants a one stop shop for their payment environment.

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Blue Scorpion Payment Solutions

P2PE - protecting your payments

As an Accredited P2PE Installer (and one of only a handful that operate in the UK), we are here to support your hardware and transaction security, by providing installation services in accordance with Scheme guidelines for Point to Point Encryption. P2PE is an alternate Standard that the Card Schemes endorse as acceptable for achieving a path towards Compliance.

We ensure that we work with P2PE providers, protecting you and your customers should someone attempt to access your data. Our subsidiary company, EIT, can provide P2PE deployments.


Are you receiving PCI Compliance Fines on your merchant statements?

Cyber Protect | IP Protect Lite

  • Ensure your network is PCI Compliant to avoid any unnecessary Fines from your acquiring bank.
  • PCI Compliance Fines of up to £75.00 per month!
    Products start from £9.99 per month
  • Blue Scorpion can offer two main solutions to help protect your data and prevent PCI non-compliance fines Cyber Protect and IP Protect Lite - These solutions start from £9.99 per month meaning you can get compliant and stop paying these unnecesary fines and prevent continuing putting your customer data at risk!

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It's also important that your payment solutions meet with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). We will work with you to understand your current level and requirements. We can advise you of the parties you need to be speaking to in order to become compliant, known as Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs) and, better still, we can reduce your scope and costs associated with any remedial action that you might need to undertake in order to become compliant. We specialise in network security and protection of your payment network which can complement any payment solution, whether you have one of our payment services or you use a third party. We have simple, low cost services for your every need.

Our approach

Here at Blue Scorpion, we have invested much time and effort into developing a portfolio of strategic partnerships with all major UK Payment Service Providers (PSPs) as well as having our own Blue Scorpion payment solutions. Our portfolio is far reaching, meaning we can help support merchants to find the right solution for their specific needs.

We will always work flexibly to find a payment solution that is fit for purpose, whatever you might need that solution to do; we are here to support you as a merchant. All major hardware and software options are supported and we can tailor solutions to fit you, ensuring your network is resilient and ready to accept all types of card payments and loyalty schemes as well as supporting multiple value added services.

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