GDPR Compliant WiFi

Secure, GDPR compliant public WiFi, which helps you generate more revenue.

We are GDPR compliant WiFi providers and have carried out thousands of successful installations. Our Blue Scorpion WiFi Hotspots are located across a range of market sectors, from retail environments, to public car parks and corporate spaces. Whatever the space and regardless of the complexity level, we will have a public WiFi solution to suit your requirements. Furthermore, we provide powerful analytics and marketing data, to drive footfall into your business and generate an increased revenue stream.

Did you know that a staggering 82% of guest WiFi is not compliant? Many WiFi networks do not have the appropriate filtering in place, meaning susceptible people like children can access inappropriate content. All our services have content filtering as standard, and our infrastructure has been approved by the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF). Our WiFi solutions are safe, compliant to the latest standards (including GDPR) and secure, so you will experience nothing but the benefits.

Public WiFi?

We provide legally compliant public WiFi solutions for your business, helping you to increase footfall and make the most of all that this technology has to offer.

Private WiFi

Public WiFi isn't for everybody, so we also offer private WiFi solutions for those retailers who require them. We regularly speak to our clients, and one of the main pieces of feedback we constantly receive is that retailers need more support to achieve increased sales. Many feel they are missing out on sales opportunities and need more staff on the sales floor. Our private WiFi systems can help with all this, and more. We have low-cost, secure solutions for all workplace and retail environments - examples include:

  • Stock control devices
  • iPads and tablets to use on the shop floor
  • Queue reduction solutions

We can easily deploy cost-effective ways of enabling enterprise level security and WiFi access points across your stores.

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WiFi packages start from just £16.99 + VAT per month. Or from as little as £28.99 + VAT per month start driving more footfall into your business with targeted marketing to your loyal customers.

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The benefits of secure public WiFi from Blue Scorpion

  • Built to the latest standards (Including GDPR):
    Our WiFi networks follow all necessary regulations, making them safe and compliant.
  • Increased footfall through On Demand Marketing (ODM):
    Create WiFi hotspots to help entice people into your store and increase interest.
  • Child safe:
    We use all necessary filtering to make sure children only access age-appropriate content.
  • Reward customers:
    Send your customers rewards and targeted communications to encourage brand loyalty.
  • Analytics:
    Understand your demographic, how they browse the internet and where they spend their money.
  • IWF approved:
    Our WiFi is fully approved by the Internet Watch Foundation and is safe for all to use.

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